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    cheap jerseys 2 points submitted 13 days agoOr, reading the motion you can say that the defendant has sued the wrong party? Remember Precourt is an investor/operator of Columbus Crew, not an "owner", which is the MLS, and they are incorporated in a different state.Now there are many issues here that need to be decided, that can either be done by looking a precedent and current law and applying it to the case. However, seeing this is all predicated on Modell Law, which was written for sports leagues which were not single entity, it may be a valid suit against the Cleveland Browns, or Cleveland Cavaliers,where the team actually has an individual "owner" we would think. This law, though, has never been adjudicated or challenged, so there is no precedent.The MLS has not said nary a peep, because they do not need to, they are not being named in this suit.Sooner or later, Precourts attorneys will file a motion for dismissal and base it on the case not being ripe, as the plaintiff have no right to sue, or they are not suing the right person, or many other reasons, and the judge may rule on some of the issue, or not, and may rule for dismissing the case, unless he feels there a pressing need to figure out if the law is even applicable.As has previously been stated over and over and over again (Do you guys really not get it yet? There's no parallel paths!), Precourt Sports Ventures desires to work with the Austin and only Austin to secure an appropriate site for a stadium with the guidance and wishes of the only possible city that will still have us cheap jerseys.
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