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    Sat May 18 05:32:53 2019

    -image-I recently took part in my first fantasy baseball draft of the season one night last week. Ignoring the exam that I had scheduled the following day, I spent an hour and a half sitting on my computer.
    During my draft, I got to thinking about why exactly fantasy sports are so popular nowadays. Is it because of the thrill of drafting your favorite players to 'own'? Is it for bragging rights amongst your friends? Or is it simply because we are all losers who cant find dates so instead we have to spend countless hours obsessing over a made up sports team competing against other made up teams?
    In all honesty, it is probably a mixture of those things that make fantasy sports so popular. I discovered fantasy sports about 4 years ago when I signed up for asics onitsuka tiger stockists ireland my first fantasy baseball team. After spending a year checking my team several times a day, trying to figure out what pitcher was about to get hot or what slugger was going to give my team that extra boost in the power department, I was hooked. I followed that up by playing fantasy basketball and asics ireland football and I have done so annually ever since. I can often be found chatting with my fellow league mates about potential trades or scouting the free agent market looking for the next big thing about to hit sports.
    Living outside the US, where in we don't have a professional team to call its own, it is sometimes hard to find teams and players to cheer for on a regular basis. Fantasy sports give me a reason to root for and against certain players or teams. They give me a reason to watch sports games. Anyone who plays fantasy sports will tell you they cheer just as hard for their fantasy team as they do for their local teams. I will admit, the emotions I sometimes feel when a player I own is in a controversial play are almost on par with the emotions I feel when my Cardinals are in the midst of a close game. Also, just as it is in real sports, one single play can make or break your fantasy season. And that you shouldreally plan for your strategy and analyze things very well.
    Fantasy sports are a huge part of our culture, and I strongly recommend everyone playing them. Then you will too get to experience what it is like to see a pitcher on your fantasy squad serve up a 500 foot homerun or learn your star running back broke his leg in the preseason and is lost for the year. You will also get to experience what it is like to witness your tight end catch an 87-yard touchdown pass that turns out to be the difference maker between you or your friend winning the league title.
    It's an emotion I rank very highly up there on my list of sports memories. I never would have had that feeling if it had not been for fantasy sports. Now if you would excuse me, I've got to go check the waiver wire for some potential free agents so I can reclaim my position as league champion. Article Tags: Fantasy Sports

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    Thu May 16 01:07:39 2019

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    Mon May 13 23:32:10 2019

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    Many tennis players experience frustration during a match. They may make the wrong decision on a shot, make an unforced error or lose a game when they??ve had the lead. These can all be sources of frustration for asics asics womens running shoes ireland tennis players. Many players experience frustration because they are not playing their best tennis. One tennis player wanted to know ??how to stay focused and calm when not playing as well as I would like.?? The key is to know what causes you to become frustrated or upset about your performance. Many athletes are frustrated because they aren??t performing up to their expectations. Expectations aren??t helpful to your performance. Expectations can cause athletes to judge their performance and can lead to added pressure. The key is to let go of your expectations. Because your expectations have developed over years and years of play, it may be difficult to let go of your expectations. Try setting process goals to replace your expectations. Use process goals to guide and track your performance. Avoid trying to judge your performance based on your process goals. Another cause of frustration is dwelling on mistakes. When players dwell on mistakes they may over analyze or think too much about the mistake. Tennis players who dwell on mistakes are stuck in the past, asics onitsuka tiger sales ireland which doesn??t help them play in the present moment. Dwelling on past mistakes can affect your performance on the next points and can cause more mistakes. The key is to play one point at a time. Think of each point as the start of the match. Some players may be annoyed or frustrated at their opponent. Players may become angry at their opponent??s strategy, their line calls or personality. The key is to play the ball, not your opponent. When you focus too much on your opponent, you become distracted at the task at hand. You aren??t able to focus on execution. Try to focus on what??s important to perform successfully. Composure is an important mental skill for athletes to learn. To stay composed during matches, beaware of when you lose composure and asics asics mens running shoes ireland what causes your frustration. Use process goals instead of expectations, asics asics volleyball shoes ireland play each point as a new point and focus on what??s important.

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