Hockey Betting Principles

  1. 3 дней назад

    Looking for ways to make some money on the Olympics? There's a plethora of sites out on the internet that have Olympic hockey betting. Some are better than others. When signing up for sites, check out the bonuses that they offer for signing up. Sometimes it's a smart idea to sign up with multiple sites, that way you get more bonuses . Myself I use 3 or 4 different sites. Not only did I get the initial bonuses, but they usually don't have the same Olympic hockey odds. This way I can use whatever site has the best odds. Here's 3 tips that I always use when laying down money.

    1. Take the underdog - The underdog is usually a good bet for the Olympics. Bookies don't have time to place proper odds, because there are less of them doing the odds, and they are busy doing NHL odds. This means that the team listed as an underdog may actually be the better team
    2. Spread out your bets. - Make sure to place multiple bets. If you only place one bet, and you end up losing, then there's no chance to make any money. HEDGE your bets.
    3. Don't take Team Canada because you're Canadian. - Sure they're favoured to win, but that doesn't mean they will. Also the odds of them winning are so good, that even if they win and you put money on them, your return will be very small. A better bet is Russia, or even Sweden.

    Check out the web for the best olympic hockey odds, and sign up for multiple sites to maximize returns.
    Hope this helps!

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