Capitol Area Greenway - Update Report 4: The Shelley Lake Trail A Couple.0 Miles

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    Before embarking on my adventure, I had the distinct impression that this underwater restaurant would have a little more of an oceanic view. Was I dreaming of playful pinnipeds swimming by to say hi while chasing a school of glistening silver fish? Perhaps. Unfortunately, what I got was 3 algae covered portholes looking into a murky green abyss of bay water. Oh well. At least my mixed vegetable and mushroom risotto help to anesthetize the pain.

    -image-Castle Rock Lake is Wisconsin's 4th largest lake measuring at 16,640 acres. It has approximately 60 miles of shoreline that that is home to some of the best parks and campsites Wisconsin has. The maximum depth of the lake is only 36 feet. But it is home to pike, perch, bass, walleye and many other fish making it a great lake to fish on.

    These boat lifts which are used on docks and ports are relatively expensive than other type of boat lifts as they are big in size and are strong and durable. They are built in such a way so that it can carry heavy loads easily. These types of lifts are installed firmly on the ground so it does not break off and come off the ground. These lifts have their own electrical circuit box which has to be installed in order to make the lift work. The electrical box is to be placed in the safe place where there is no trouble of water and the box being damaged due to various reasons.

    Facilities at Kentucky Dam Village include the 72 room Village Inn Lodge, the 14 room Village Green Inn located by the golf course, 68 cottages, Harbor Lights Restaurant, a campground with 219 paved campsites with hook-ups, a 4,000 foot paved and lighted air strip, a baot dock, a swimming pool, trails, and much more.

    Sound Services - DJ Entertainment will bring their show to Kentucky Dam Village, including over 100,000 songs and special dance lighting effects! The park will furnish party favors, mixers, cheese, veggies, and chip trays.

    After selecting and casting a large array of lures I settled on a gold colored spoon. On several casts I had bights with a couple of nice trout leaping into the air acrobatically. My friend Don was fishing a silver and green medium sized spoon and hooked a nice 15" rainbow bringing the first fish into our boat that morning. After a few more casts I followed suit with a nice rainbow trout about the same size.

    The decorations are a little outdated and the cabin was a little dirty. Most of the paneling in the interior part and wallpapers looked as if it was from the 60s, but everything else was a little newer, I am guessing maybe the 80s. I think they could update the interior parts a little better. We also needed to do some cleaning when we got there to make it more livable.

    -image-One of the first advantages of boat lift hulls is their weight. The weight of the hull is a major issue for smaller boats. boat lift hulls are considerably lighter than steel. Therefore, these hulls can be made as strong as a steel hull but weigh considerably less. This will also allow you to carry heavier cargo on the boat.

    An electric motor charged with 12-volts can speed through water at a joggers pace if it is bought for a boat that has a footing of 12 or 10. It will have to have a deep-cycle battery, which costs about $50 along with the electric motor, which starts around $125 to $250. This would make the total cost around $150 to $300 before taxes. Electric batteries made for 18-feet boats can go 6 mph, but you will be paying $500 to $700. Electric Motors of 24-volts take 4 batteries to run a boat the whole day and electric motors of 36-volts need 6. That would make buying 4 batteries in this range cost $2000 to $2800 before tax. Gas motors can cost $750 to $3000.

    A special kind of floating dock that is fast gaining round is the Dry Dock. It boasts of the ability to drain off water after flooding it. This also helps conduct maintenance and repair activities.

    During the summer, work topwater lures early and late in the day, or when the clouds are heavy and the wind is calm. Bass will move a long way to hit a topwater under such conditions. In the fall, try a surface lure near points and cover in bays made by creeks that feed a lake or reservoir.


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