Lake Tahoe Winter Resorts Guide: Mt. Rose, Nevada

  1. 6 дней назад

    [img]">Looking for views? The most popular resort is Heavenly - so named for its heavenly views over lake tahoe. It could just as well have been named Gluttony for its expansive size. Located on the south shore, Heavenly offers nearly 100 runs of varying difficulty and is the only place you can ski or board in both Nevada and California. Two other resorts that offer some of the best views of the lake include Diamond Peak and Homewood. Though much smaller than Heavenly, the views are equally stunning and locals love the deals these resorts seem to always have.

    Decide on the right mix of travel time and stopping time. We suggest you allow some "down" time with no particular agenda. Moving everyday or constantly driving long distances, leaves little time to relax or fully explore your destinations.

    When you own an RV, you can leave your stuff in the spots you want it for your next trip. What an embarrassment when you have something super important (like sunscreen) that you thought you had already packed and realize when you need it most that you don't have it. When you're close to a store, great, but what if you aren't?

    With the Dutchmen RV, you will see the real America in complete comfort and style, The Dutchmen is considered to be the finest entry-level travel trailer on the market. Depending on the model you choose, you can have a "fifth wheel" trailer camper that comes complete with kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters. The trailers have standard equipment such as cutting edge entertainment equipment, quality kitchen appliances and exterior/interior design that provides comfort and security. A sufficient water and gas supply are provided to assure adequate cooking ability and full bathroom facilities including a shower. Anything you will find in a small suite at a mid-level motel will be traveling with you on the road. All of this at very competitive prices.

    Florida is very RV friendly. Unlike most states, it is possible to rent an RV in almost any Florida city. At least 13 Floridian rv rental agencies are peppered throughout the state. Summer is the most popular -- and the most expensive -- time to rent an RV in Florida. If you go off-season, you can expect price discounts, sometimes even reaching 70-percent off-peak rates. In general, the longer you rent the RV and the sooner you make your reservation, the less you pay.

    The class-C motor home is the most commonly rented RV because it's easy to drive and very homey. A class-C motor home can sleep about six to nine people. It comes with beds, a toilet and shower, a microwave and refrigerator, and heating and cooling. Some Floridian RV rental agencies may also include a TV and DVD player for when you get tired of looking at Florida scenery. Many also sell home-keeping supplies like dishes and linens--perfect for when you fly into Florida.

    Lake boat rentals provide a way for summer visitors to explore the lake and all the wonderful things it has to offer. A boat rental can be secured through many of the resorts in the area. Boat rentals are also available through independent rental shops.

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