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    I'm not thrilled about the low starting wage associated with the job, but I'm extremely interested in the entrepreneurial aspects. The perks of potentially "being my own boss" outweigh the disadvantages of losing the regular company benefits most employees get, I Tip extensions in my mind anyways. I think the booth rental model actually sounds cool..

    [img] long sleeve knitted dress the top was patterned with horizontal stripes of red, white and light blue. The waist down was a darker blue in layered pleats. A long, blue, sleeveless vest with a back collar flap (that had white star appliqus on both ends) fastened on each side with four gold buttons. U Tip Extensions

    360 lace wigs Using elements of noir fiction stretched to a hilarious dino degree, Anonymous Rex'' executes a unique twist on the genre. Rubio, for example, has the required weak spot that makes him an antihero (a serious basil addiction) and falls for a femme fatale who, unfortunately, is human. The narrative raises questions of interspecies sex and the hidden agenda of a shady key character, Dr. 360 lace wigs

    human hair wigs 1 point submitted 1 month agoThe queens pay for their looks because the queens own their looks, if the show paid for the looks then the show would own the looks, that doesn work in the queens favor either.Runway counts but not as strongly as performances, you can save a bad performance with an exceptional runway look or can end up in the bottom if your performance wasn in the top and your runway look is bad/mediocre in which case you can save your ass by performing better in the lipsync. Basically you can win the show by performing better than everyone else, not just by looking better than everyone else, which is fair enough IMO. You can make it entirely fair anyway, a budget wouldn fix the gap between contestants that already have the funds and the connections human hair wigs.
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